Case Study 2: Driving Online Sales for a Home Decor Retailer

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between and a home decor retailer. The client aimed to elevate their online sales and create an engaging shopping experience for customers.


  1. Revamped Website Design: Redesign the website with a focus on aesthetics and intuitive navigation.
  2. E-commerce Integration: Integrate an efficient e-commerce platform to handle online transactions seamlessly.
  3. Product Showcase: Highlight the client’s products with captivating visuals and detailed descriptions.


  1. Visual Storytelling: Utilized compelling imagery and storytelling to showcase products in real-life settings.
  2. User Testing: Conducted rigorous user testing to identify and address any usability issues.
  3. E-commerce Integration: Implemented a secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform.


  1. 50% Increase in Online Sales: The revamped website contributed to a substantial surge in online sales.
  2. Reduced Cart Abandonment: User testing led to a 25% decrease in cart abandonment rates.
  3. Improved Customer Engagement: Visual storytelling increased user engagement and time spent on the website.
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